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All About Resolution

I am asked, on a fairly regular basis, to explain image resolution. How to change it, raise it, lower it and generally conform to confusing and usually poorly written jury and show specifications written by people with a limited understanding of the subject. So I’ve... read more

Welcome to the New Year !

Good day to all.  Carr Imaging is in full swing and ready to roll.  Regular hours are Monday thru Friday from 9:30 to 5:30.   We look forward to hearing about your new projects, surprises, questions, seeing new work and saying Hello!   read more

We Went to Ireland!

Wow! What a great trip to Northern Ireland. After landing in Belfast on Halloween, we headed up to the North Coast. Our friends made this vacation – a real Holiday. . . and did all the driving – whew.  Between visits to castles, geologic wonders, the... read more

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